Sunday Teams

We are so excited that you’ve taken this step towards serving on a ministry team. Serving is such a life-giving part of the Christian life. The words of Jesus challenge us when He said - “for the Son of man came not to be served but to serve and to give His life a ransom for many.” What this says to us is that we are never more like our Lord than when we are selflessly serving others.  We know you will be blessed as you begin serving others.  

The following are available opportunities to serve during Sunday Services.  


    The Follow Up Team communicates with our first and second time guests during the week through email, personal hand-written notes and/or phone call and let them know they are loved and cared for.  Sign up here!

  • Greeting

    The Greeting Team helps create a welcoming environment by warmly and joyously greeting everyone who attends Catalyst Church.  Contact Jennifer Sanchez

  • Hospitality

    The Hospitality Team helps make our church a home by shopping for, setting up and serving food and coffee for Sunday services and special events.  Sign up here!

  • Ushers/SECURITY

    The Ushers/Security Team helps visitors find their way around our campus, set up extra chairs as needed, administer the offering, and keep our campus safe. Contact Angelo Cave

  • Worship

    The Worship Team helps facilitate a great worship through singing, playing an instrument, organizing, or using your artistic talents and creativity.  Contact Christian Gillette. 

  • SetUp/ TEardown

    The SetUp/Tear Down team gets to church early and help set up for Sunday worship.  They stay late and help tear down.  Call time on Sundays is 7:45am for prayer.  Donuts and coffee provided.  Tear down usually takes 45 minutes starting at 11:45am.  Contact Robert Jensen.

  • Production

    The Production Team helps set up, run and tear down audio visual equipment used in the Sunday services. Contact Brandon Steppe


    The Catalyst Kids Team serves and invests in children during the Sunday services. You can serve in the nursery, preschool and/or elementary classrooms. Sign up here!