Staff & Leadership

We have a passion for people, our city and our world. Our culture and leadership is characterized by worship, the love of God, and a genuine call to ministry. These core values have been shaped by our rich history of great co-workers and energy; always pressing forward in our call to love God and love others.

  • Emmanuel (Manny) Sanchez

    Lead Pastor

    Pastor Manny has been leading our church since it's inception in 2013. His thoughtful teaching, passion for the Word and counseling experience has helped our ministry grow into the thriving community of believers we are today. 

  • Noel Gonzales

    Sunday Producer / Creative Director / Worship Director

    Noel Gonzales has been leader in ministry for over 10 years. He is passionate about pursuing Christ with all the gifts given to him. Through graphic design, art, music, production, and leadership, he is helping Catalyst put their best foot forward.

  • Jennifer Sanchez

    Catalyst Kids Director

    Jen Sanchez is no stranger to Kids care, as she and Pastor Manny have four kids of their own!  Jen is excited to nurture a joy- filled space where all our kids can begin to be transformed by Jesus.

  • Angelo Cave


    Lover of Christ, husband to 1, father of 6.  "What you believe matters, your theology matters...allow the Holy Spirit, through His Bible, to determine both!"

  • Robert Jensen


    Christ follower, husband, father. Passion for Christian higher education and developing the next generation of Christian leaders. Always ready for a cup of coffee.


Our motto for church is that,

"church is not just a place you go to, it's a family you belong to."

We hope that's what you feel when you visit Catalyst Church. 

Our journey to plant this church began when I was in college and God impressed upon my heart to build a loving church famil, shepherd and care for His people, raise up and empower young leaders, and plant other churches. 

The last 16 years have been a training ground for this work as I  have worked in a wide range of ministries (junior high, high school, college, young adult singles, men’s, counseling, and family ministry). By God’s good grace I've  experienced both moments of great fruitfulness and moments of barren deserts. I praise God for both because He has used them to teach, prepare, and temper me for the task at hand.

I love and believe in the church of our Lord and am thrilled and humbled that God has called me and my family to such a powerful mission. Jennifer and I have been married for 16 years. We have four wonderful children: Noelle (10), Luke (8), Levi (4), and Adaleigh (2).

I look forward to meeting you!

Emmanuel Sanchez (Pastor Manny)