We believe that no child should grow up not knowing the good news of Jesus. California needs Christ. Reaching California begins by reaching children with the gospel.

We want to share the gospel with every child in the Paradise Hills community of San Diego, California. We have the opportunity on our campus to reach 3,000 children, and with your support, we can have everything in place to impact the lives of these children by 2027.

We have three guiding principles that will shape our ministry.

1. Every child should hear the gospel.

The next generation needs to know that there is hope in Jesus Christ. Our 2.5-acre campus can be a beacon of hope for children in our California community. By 2027, our buildings will be full of children of all ages. Our Sundays will have ministries for teens, youth, and children. We’ll fill up our weekly preschool, and all of our various children ministries will share the good news of Jesus.

2. Every child should have fun.

We have a unique opportunity to provide a safe and fun place for children in our community. We will construct new playgrounds and, by 2027, convert a piece of our property into a brand-new youth soccer field for our community. This new youth sports ministry will provide children fun opportunities and faith-filled mentorship through Christian coaches.

3. Every child should have a home.

California has a homelessness crisis, and children are affected. We believe that every child should have a home. Our campus has the space and opportunity to provide a safe shelter for women and children. We want to start constructing a new women’s and children’s shelter on our campus by 2027.

When these ministries are in place, San Diego children will have a church to attend, a preschool for their young ones, a soccer league for their youth, and a safe place to call home.

Please donate and help us reach every child in our community with the good news of Jesus Christ.