An Extraordinary July

July at Catalyst was a extraordinary month of God’s blessings, heartwarming fellowship, impactful service, and inspiring community outreach. We are blessed by God’s continued faithfulness.

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hands in the form of heart

Guard Your Heart

A sermon from Pastor Jason examining the power of small influences, guarding your heart, and Jesus’ reminder to remember God’s work.

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Worship, church and hands praying with support, community and hope together. Group of people with s

Genuine Worship

True worship is not church attendance or Christian culture. Explore the true meaning of genuine worship and discover how to connect deeply with God.

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Young woman holding glass with water in hands. Self care concept. Formation of healthy useful habit

Your Authentic Self

Pastor Jason Soto critiques societal trends, explores the concept of ‘authentic self’ from psychological & biblical perspectives in his sermon post.

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Hands raised to the sky in prayer position

The Priority of Prayer

Prayer is a vital area of the Christian life. Our Lord constantly prioritized prayer. His prayer life was so vibrant that his disciples were driven to ask him to teach

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Prayer group session

Welcome to Seek Week

To seek means to enquire about something, to investigate, or be intent on finding something out. A doctor seeks to find a cure for an illness. A husband seeks to

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Our Need for a Board

Leadership is a fundamental need for a local church. The Lord Jesus Christ is the leader of his church everywhere in the entire world, and there is no replacement for

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