Weather Update CCSD

Hurricane Hillary Update

Updates from Catalyst on the approaching hurricane.

Hi, family! We are watching updates about the hurricane hitting San Diego this weekend. Currently, San Diego County is under a tropical storm warning. There will be heavy rain, potential flooding in some areas, and high wind gusts.

There will be rainfall during our service. Some news reports report the most severe rain occurring Sunday evening. Still, according to another news report, “The anticipated arrival of Hilary’s most severe rainfall has changed from initial estimates of late Sunday to earlier Sunday and into the evening hours.” Either way, the initial reports appear that the heaviest portion of the storm will occur in the afternoon.

We will be open tomorrow for our service, but we will cut short the fellowship time after service so everyone can get home safely before the heaviest portion of the storm hits. Due to the hurricane, our patio furniture will not be out tomorrow.

We ask that you drive safely and consider your situation regarding travel. Your safety is important to us.

If you plan to stay home and want to watch the service online, please note that we are now live streaming our services on YouTube. Once we go live, the service will appear on our YouTube channel, and we will post a link to it on our Facebook page.

You are important to us. Please keep an eye on the weather reports and plan accordingly. If you are gathering with us tomorrow, please drive safely. God bless!

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